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I don’t like a lot of contemporary Christian music.  There.  I said it.

Being the music person that I am, I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music–  I enjoy everything from country to jazz.  If you peruse my CD collection you’ll find everything from Rascal Flatts to Michael Buble.  But I’ve always wanted the main diet of music that I’m feeding my children (and myself) to be something that would turn our thoughts toward God.  I grew up on the likes of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Keith Green.  Throughout college, I got turned on to Twila Paris and Rich Mullins.  But after that, the stuff on Christian radio wasn’t doing a lot for me.   I nearly drove off of the road the first time I heard Scot Underwood’s You are God.  "You…  You are…  You are God… You are God, GOD, GOD…  You…  You are…  You are God… You are God, GOD, GOD!!"    Just a little lyrical creativity, people.  Puh-leeze.

So, I have been rejoicing with great joy ever since I discovered Sovereign Grace Music.  It started at John Piper’s  Conference for pastors this past February, when I decided that I was going to write down the name of every song and composer that I saw flashed up on the big screen.  The worship is such a big part of why I love Piper’s conference, and I was determined to try to find some of the music to take home with us this year.  Eventually, I discovered that much of the music they use is composed by the good folks over at Sovereign Grace Music.  So far, I’ve purchased Valley of Vision, Awesome God (which is for kids, but I am enjoying it as much or more than the kids are) and  Worship God Live.  They’re all fantastic!  (And very reasonably priced!  They even offer accompaniment tracks for $3 each.  How generous is that??)

The lyrics are Scripture saturated and God-centered and it is all musically interesting.  I don’t get a kick-back from this post–  I just really want to encourage all of you to go and check out the great music.  You won’t be sorry that you did.


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As a mother of five, probably the number one comment I get from people is, "I don’t know how you DO it [all]!?!"  Well, the good news is, the babies came one at a time and so there was time to acclimate.  The bad news is that sometimes things are just as chaotic as one might imagine– and so you probably shouldn’t be handing me any special awards or anything.  Still, I have learned a few tips over the years that help things to run more smoothly.  And so I thought I’d share a few things over the next few weeks that help us run this crew and keep our sanity at the same time. 

One of the best decisions my husband has made for our family (a few years back) was the "one sport, per kid, per year" rule.   I suppose this rule would be harder for an extremely athletic family to enforce–  but we have always placed a higher value on music around here (all of our kids take instrument lessons of some kind–  piano, trumpet, flute, drums) and so this rule came fairly easy for us.  But even with our lack of athleticism,  there are still enough sports opportunities floating around to tempt us to become over-scheduled.


Another caveat to this post is that we sort of apply this rule to other activities other than sports.  Our eldest daughter is the president of the Jr. High FCCLA Parliamentary Procedure Team.  They did so well at state that they will be competing at the national level this summer!  Naturally, other school organizations would like to see her join their Parli-Pro team as well and she has been flattered by the  (persistent)  begging  invitations to join.   But we have held our ground and have said that band and FCCLA are enough organizations for her to be a part of for now.   Every organization your child participates in will want your child to meet for early morning practices and after school practices.  Every morning she is away practicing for something, is a morning she can’t be at our breakfast table for morning devotions.  Every evening she is away practicing something is an evening when she could possibly miss evening family devotions.  We’re just trying to be vigilant in guarding her time.

But back to sports and music.  Here are a few reasons why music trumps sports in our family:

1.   God devoted an entire book of the Bible to worship.   It is our hope that our investment in all of these musical lessons will result in several adults who will one day use their musical ability for the church and for God’s glory.

2.  Music tends to be an ability that can be used in old age and so we feel that we are giving our children something that will be with them for life.  You don’t meet too many elderly people who are still playing football or basketball.  Conversely, I was sitting in the home of Miss Pearl a few months ago, (a woman in her late eighties) and she said that one thing she still does on a daily basis to comfort herself is to sit down at her organ and play the hymns.

3.  America has made an idol out of sports and we want to be careful not to fall prey to this trend.

Lest you think we’re totally anti-sports, we do let each child play one sport per year.  Thankfully, the three who want to play something have all chosen basketball which is a very family friendly sport!  (It is so much easier to drag a toddler to a basketball game than to an outdoor sport!)  But the best part about all three kids picking basketball is that we are only running to games one time per year!  The rest of the year is "game free."  This allows more time for discipling people in our church,  family devotions and just being together in our home.

Limiting activities–  that’s one of the things we do to preserve family time and sanity around here.  What are some of your tricks?

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