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I am Michelle’s oldest son first off.  And like many of you, I have noticed that my mother has not been posting for a while.  But it really is not her fault.  My mother really is a VERY busy person.  Which many you may already know.  But to go along with her last Safety First post I would like to share a recent story that ties with that last post…..

We have just finished our family, twice a month annual shopping trip at Wal-Mart.  We have all the grocery’s put away in the trunk and we are ready to go home, when Julianna unbuckles herself and smiles her little innocent smile, when we play our new trick on her.  We tape duck tape on the buckle so she can put any pressure on the button that releases the buckle.  Cole was frustrated like anyone could get after these Wal-Mart trips  (Mom can I have this, Daddy can we get a new Play Station game?) so he is grumbling as he rigs up the buckle to make it baby safe, when four teenagers walk up to their car right next to ours, all they can see is Cole looking tired, and stressed out,  a baby, and duck tape.  Well if you saw this what would you think.  These boys were pointing and staring,  I don’t think I have ever seen a 1980 Trans-Am get out of a parking lot as fast as they did!  We were laughing, I felt sorry for the teenagers though.

It has been a pleasure to have a moment of your time (do I sound like a motivational speaker?)

Maybe I can get my mom to start posting again…….


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